Classes Online and Blended... Teacher-Coach Services by PACESC

The PACESC Classroom

... is dedicated to assisting parents who are legally homeschooling their children under their resident state home school laws .

... is just one facet of PACESC (The Parents Association for Christian Education).

... is not a school.  Students attending classes through the PACESC Classroom are registered homeschoolers, and the primary teaching responsibility remains with the parent.

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PACESC is a multifaceted National Homeschooling Support Organization and South Carolina Accountability Association.  Our strong commitment to homeschool families and our unique service has established our place as a leader in the homeschool community.

For more information, visit PACESC's sister sites..
  • PACESC: Parents' Association for Christian Education in SC- our umbrella organization which allows families to homeschool in SC under the 3rd option law (SC Code of Law Section 59-65-47)  
  • The PACESC Store- our online store front where you can purchase your curriculum, supplemental materials, and helpful homeschooling tools.
  • The Records Department at PACESC- discover the many ways PACESC can assist you in organizing and keeping those valuable school records.  In many instances, we can help fulfill your state's record keeping requirements.  In states with little or no requirements, we can assist you in your effort to document and validate your student's hard work.  We also offer a transcript/ diploma service for high school students.